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Recycling systems for single-use coffee capsules



Guglielmo, co-founder

By education and professional background, I am an engineer. When I co-founded Capagain, I needed a business coach to complement my limited business knowledge. That’s how I met Caroline, through the coaching network of the Swiss Innovation Agency (Innosuisse). We worked together for 8 months. Thanks to Caroline, I greatly advanced in the development of my project. Indeed, she provided lots of contacts from both the industry and the startup ecosystem. In addition, she advised me on how to prepare for important meetings and follow-up on them. At the same time, she greatly contributed to develop my entrepreneurial skills, especially on pitching. A trait of her personality which I greatly appreciate is her ability to keep motivation high and transmit positive energy. For all these reasons, I highly recommend Caroline as a professional business coach.


Caroline, coache

A so great innovation to tackle an important challenge : recycling systems for single-use coffee capsules!
A highly motivated team with impressive engineering competencies, and motivation to make the industry implement this to reduce wastes and better valorise & recycle these.
A very great collaboration together!

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